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  • Deep confidence and clarity you carry into every conversation about your business – while writing, networking, or talking to clients?
  • Relief from overwhelm and over think because you know exactly how market your business effectively?
  • Focus as you concentrate on the work you love because you know your message is getting real results?
  • Satisfaction and excitement as you deliver your best work to your perfect clients?

Are you ready to transform your business?

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…gave me the courage, confidence and clarity I needed to move forward in a new direction.

I absolutely love working with Michelle Hunter. Her power session gave me the courage, confidence and clarity I needed to move forward in a new direction. I was feeling a little confused about the message of my new service, yet after answering Michelle’s powerful questions, and listening to our recorded call, I felt empowered and clear about how to best move forward. Michelle’s written feedback was so organized and beautifully written, it made me even more excited about my business and helped me see how I can continue to best serve women through my coaching programs and courses. Thank you, Michelle, for your guidance!

Shannon Kinney-Duh / A Free Spirit Life

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I haven’t been this excited about my business since I started it 2 years ago!

Michelle’s style and process is so, well, powerful! She packed so much good stuff in one hour that I was shocked at how much I am able to tweak and accomplish. I haven’t been this excited about my business since I started it 2 years ago! I would highly recommend a power session for your business. You won’t regret it!

Kathy Bourque | Leadership Mentor


I walked away with an action plan for taking my website copy to an entirely new level.

I participated in Michelle’s “Power Session” and it was just that… power-packed! She makes creating impactful messaging feel tangible and actionable. She breaks it down in a way that is easy to follow and easy to implement. I walked away with an action plan for taking my website copy to an entirely new level that I know will resonate 100 times better with my audience. Thank you Michelle.

Carla Reeves | Mindset Coach




Michelle’s Power Sessions were just what I needed!

I write enough to know when I’m too close to the work to see what needs improvement. I was asking for help reviewing a few new sales pages I’d written and was getting frustrated by the lack of useful feedback I was receiving. The copy was good, but I knew it could be better. What came out of our session was clear, candid feedback that I could finally sink my teeth into. I left the session and jumped in right away! A few hours later, my new pages were upgraded and ready to go with more powerful language and better positioning.

Sophie Bujold – Founder & Chief Strategist | Cliqueworthy

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Keeps me motivated, focused and inspired…

From website copy and course development to marketing direction, Michelle keeps me motivated, focused and inspired. I can’t imagine my life without her!

Michelle Fifis / Pattern Observer, Textile Design Lab


Two parts super smart, one part bossy…

With clear insight, sarcastic humor, and a genuine interest in my success, Michelle has challenged me to bring my best ideas to the world. With two parts super smart and one part bossy, she has helped me focus and coached me to write things I didn’t know I had in me.”

Christine Thatcher / Better Looking Biz



You identified a marketing strategy we never would have come up with on our own…

We were unable to monetize our brand and were lost as to how to market it…You identified a marketing strategy that we never would have come up with on our own. It solved our biggest problem, who do we need to market to and how do we go about it. After identifying our general approach you did a fantastic job of breaking the process of implementing the plan into organized and manageable steps.

Vicki De Roeck & Deb Dittmer / Girl Nation


Easily overcame the obstacles that were stalling our process…

Michelle brings focus and a well-defined vision for the results we need. She easily overcame the obstacles that were stalling our progress.  When creative writing meets strategic thinking, we know Michelle has arrived!

Laura Lyons / Natural Wellness Alliance, LLC


A gift for listening with kindness and genuine interest…

After my first meeting with Michelle, I knew I had hit the jack pot. She immediately made me comfortable. Michelle has a gift of listening with kindness and genuine interest. She uses those important abilities to understand what you want to say to keep your own authentic voice. After working with Michelle, I now write with ease and comfort. I’ve used the insight I gained from Michelle to boost my success…

LeAnn Hoye / Early Bloomers