Tell your story.

Transform your business.

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Imagine captivating your ideal client with your story.

Imagine using your passion and insight to create results. Capturing emotion and building trust in just a few words. Filling your workshop and creating a waiting list for your services. Selling more of your products than ever before.

That’s the power of content strategy…and it transforms your business and your results. 

Your business has a powerful story to tell. It’s a tale of passion and persistence, of excellence and achievement. It’s your story. Telling it with simple authenticity connects you with the people you would most like to serve. Telling it strategically is the key to improved results – for you and for them.

Tell me your story… and let me help you transform your business.

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About Michelle

Michelle Hunter is a content strategist and coach with a gift for connecting visionary entrepreneurs with their clients using great writing. With over 20 years of copywriting and marketing experience, she helps her clients develop and implement effective marketing strategy, create powerful messaging, and tell their story with simple authenticity.
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