You need results. You’re in the right place.

Every creative entrepreneur has a story. Maybe you bring beautiful things to life, simplify processes, or help your clients achieve their dreams. That vision that drives you and keeps you moving forward? That’s your story… and it creates power for your business.

But it’s not always that easy, is it? And that’s why you’re here. Because no matter what you try the results just aren’t there. The latest method, course, or hot trend isn’t getting it done. Apparently one size really doesn’t fit all.

Relax, my friend. Together we’re going to get improved results for you and your business. Because things are about to change.  

You’re about to discover content strategy, and how telling your story strategically…with simple authenticity…will transform your business.

What is content strategy? It’s using words strategically to add value, build connections, and draw people to your business. Not doing everything under the sun, but focusing on simple, practical methods to get real results for your unique business. Content strategy is simple, effective marketing so you can focus on the work you love.

I’m a fellow creative who happens to be in love with words, language, and strategy. As an experienced copywriter and marketing expert, I’ve seen first hand the way strategic storytelling builds trust, loyalty, and brand engagement. Together we’ll find the perfect strategy for your brand and your audience, and create authentic messaging they can’t resist.

Ready to get real results so you can get back to the work you love? We really should talk.

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Michelle Hunter is a content strategist and coach with a gift for connecting visionary entrepreneurs with their clients using great writing. With over 20 years of copywriting and marketing experience, she helps her clients develop and implement effective marketing strategy, create powerful messaging, and tell their story with simple authenticity.