Tell your story. Transform your business.

Doing more of the work you love means effective marketing. More eyes on your business. More conversations with the right people – the people you most want to serve.

Effective marketing means…

  • Sharing a clear message confidently – in person, in writing, and on social media.
  • Finding a marketing strategy that works for you – one as authentic as your brand.
  • Staying focused on the benefits of your work – so the right people understand your value.

Overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Marketing gurus are full of formulas and strategies, advising you to run a webinar, build a sales funnel or three, and stay engaged on social media. Great general advice, but unless you apply it to your unique business situation you’ll get little more than burnout and frustration.

Let’s create a practical marketing system as authentic as your brand.

What will truly transform your business? Content marketing – sharing your thoughts and ideas in a way that positions you as a true expert in your field. Creating conversations around your ideas. Inspiring people (your ideal clients) to discover what’s possible – and how you can help them achieve their goals.

My work uses content marketing to create…

  • Consistent conversations about your expertise and your work.
  • Engaged lists full of people who are interested in the ideas you share.
  • Sales funnels to continue the conversation rather than annoy and manipulate.
  • Practical marketing strategy you can easily implement without confusion or overwhelm.


My marketing services include…

  • Blogging Strategy & Implementation
  • Sales Funnel Strategy & Implementation
  • List Building & Nurturing Campaigns
  • Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy

Working with me begins with a free Strategy Session.We’ll discuss your goals, talk about your business, and get to know one another. Projects are quoted by proposal after we’re both excited to work together.

Think this might be just what you’re looking for?

Let’s talk.

I’m currently booking projects into August, 2017.