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Confidential writing services for psychologists and consultants

Is report writing the bottleneck in your practice?

You’re not alone. Many consultants and clinicians spend weekends and vacations slogging through reports to stay on schedule. The demands of report writing limits their ability to see new clients, book new projects, and expand the impact of their business or practice.

You don’t have to work this way.

I provide confidential writing services to psychologists, counselors, and professional service providers, transforming source material (including handwritten notes) into accurate and engaging narratives while streamlining the report generation process and removing bottlenecks.


Michelle is a skillful writer with an incredible way with words. I can give her a bunch of information – transcripts of conversations, my observations, and source information I’ve collected – and she is somehow able to bring it all together eloquently and in a way that addresses the needs of the reader. She handles industry-specific jargon effortlessly, and always delivers stellar work on time. She is very observant, an amazing listener, and can magically capture the essence of a person, business or situation. I love Michelle’s integrity and the ease of working with her!

Natasha Voromipova, Systems Rock

Michelle Hunter is an amazing writer who is somehow able to decode my handwritten notes and convert them into beautifully written narrative form. I cannot overstate what a special gift she has! She is also helping me streamline my report-writing process, and, from a professional standpoint, she is committed, trustworthy, and reliable. She willingly signed a BAA and takes confidentiality very seriously.  I truly cannot recommend her more highly!

Dr. Stephanie Meyer, PhD, Pediatric Neuropsychologist

My Professional Writing Services Include:

History & Background - using source documents (intake forms, client interview notes, etc.), I create the narrative for your report using your preferred format and style.


Observations - using your notes (handwritten is fine, there’s no need for dictation) I share your perspective in an engaging narrative while keeping to the integrity of your notes.

Interviews - from assessment interviews such as the K-SADS-PL to stakeholder conversations and analysis, I share relevant information in a clear, concise way.

Editing & Proofreading - ensuring your completed draft is free from typos, grammatical errors, and wonky formatting, I polish your report so you can deliver it with confidence.

Project Management - tracking project workflow, compiling report components, and managing deadlines to keep you (and your team) on task during the report process.

Client Facing Documents - creating concise, informative, and engaging material (welcome packets, questionnaires, surveys) that communicates professionally and on brand.

Ready to eliminate report-writing bottlenecks in your practice?


About Michelle

Michelle Hunter is an experienced copywriter, content strategist, and coach with a gift for storytelling. She helps professional service providers create compelling narratives which communicate their expertise, share their observations, and engage their clients. Drawing on acumen developed over more than 20 years in business, her insights remove process bottlenecks and streamline report generation for her clients.