Marketing:: Sharing Results + A Challenge

Ah, marketing. We know we need to do it…but we’re not sure where to start.

Recently I created a short little survey and shared it with people on my list and also on Facebook. I wanted to get some feedback and test some of my assumptions about marketing, and what better way to do that than a survey, right? Thank YOU for responding!

So the results were interesting…and I want to share them with you.


My first question was about creating and implementing a marketing plan. I wondered how many people know how they are going to market their business in the next few months. Like really know – and have a plan.

37.5 % said “Yep – I have a plan and I’m comfortable putting it into practice.” That’s awesome! An actual plan makes this marketing thing so much easier.

56.3% said “Nope – I know I need a plan, but…” It’s difficult to put a plan together, especially if you aren’t sure what tactics and strategies fit your personality and your business the best. I get that, believe me.

6.2% said “Other” – Maybe they have a plan but aren’t sure how to move from planning to taking action. Or maybe they don’t have a plan and aren’t sure why they need one. Or maybe something else entirely.

My next question was really a series of statements to gauge how people really feel about this marketing thing. Of course, more than one statement can apply – which is why I set it up so people could select more than one option.

On the positive side…

12.5% are “Confident about how to market my business.”

56.3% are “Excited to share my message with the world.”

31.3% are “Curious – interested in learning more.”

This is great news! Marketing is really just sharing your story with the world and starting conversations to help people understand more about your business and what you offer them. Confidence, excitement, and curiosity are great emotional levers for your marketing toolkit.

But on the negative side…

12.5% are “Reluctant to really put myself out there.”

25% are “Confused – there are just so many options.”

6.3% are “Discouraged because things I’ve tried so far haven’t worked out like I planned.”

And then, the most interesting of all to me was this – -> 62.5% are “Overwhelmed and not sure where to start.” And 18.8% wonder “Can’t I just keep designing, making stuff, and doing the work I love? Why do I need to market?”

The numbers tell me that even with a plan… and the confidence and excitement that go with it… this marketing thing is overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to start. It’s tough to stick with it when the results aren’t what you wanted.

And it’s tempting to just keep on doing the work you love, and let this marketing thing fall by the wayside. There’s pressure to just stop sharing your story…and leave marketing at the bottom of your “someday I’ll do it” list.

So here’s the thing… I really believe this.

Marketing is super important not only for growing your business, but also for supporting the work you do and growing your understanding of your value.

When we share our story and really put our message out there, some awesome stuff happens. We draw people to our work. We receive their feedback, enjoy their praise, and make a difference in the world.

Sure, we also get new clients and customers so we can pay our bills.  No overlooking that financial reality. But more importantly, we connect with our audience and let their reactions to our work make us better. And that’s powerful stuff. That’s why it’s important to take a break from doing our best work to talk about it and share it.

The world needs what we do…and they won’t just find us. We have to step out and share.

So why is marketing overwhelming? That’s the big question. What keeps us from knowing what to do, taking action, and putting ourselves out there?

I think the problem is really pretty simple. We haven’t discovered our personal message – the powerful “something” that our work is really all about. And then, to add insult to injury, we haven’t discovered our own natural marketing voice.

We try to connect in ways that work for other people. We try to do everything while hoping something actually works. We move ahead based on someone’s advice or experience, instead of observing and listening so we can share in a way that connects with people… our people.

The Challenge

Well, I want to help you get out of the cycle of frustration and overwhelm. I’m putting together a 6 Step Marketing Challenge to help you think about your message and get a simple, step by step plan together for sharing it with the world.

Yes – this is about building confidence, harnessing excitement, and exploring options with curiosity. And yes, I’ll share with you things that work…ways you can market your business and get results. But that’s not the best part, really.

More important than all that, I want to guide you to discover your message and I want to help you make decisions about marketing so it’s easy to take action.

My goal here isn’t to trade a bunch of information for your money. My vision doesn’t include a course or something you add to your task list but don’t take action to implement.

I’m creating a workshop type experience with daily action, lots of feedback, and personal guidance from me. And I’m keeping it cheap. So you can get this marketing thing figured out and get the overwhelm monkey off your back.

The cost is $48. I chose this number because I turned 48 on Monday and it just seemed like a good number, and also because I know you need to make an investment of some kind in order to take action. You need a little “skin in the game” to get results.

But if that number is a little out of your reach, that’s fine. Just  email me ( and let me know what number works for you. I’m ok with that. Just so you have some investment to motivate you.

Here’s what you can expect:

We’re starting on Monday, March 21st. You’ll get one lesson per day (steps 1 -5) for a week. Each lesson will include a small bit of homework. You’ll get access to a private Facebook Group to share your homework, make connections, and learn from others.

Then you’ll have the weekend (March 26 & 27) to process and put together a realistic marketing plan. THEN – if you like – you will get a private 1:1 conversation with me to review your plan and get feedback. Just send me your plan when you’re ready and we’ll schedule a time for our chat.

The Facebook Group will be ongoing for several weeks, so you can continue to get support while you start implementing your plan.

Sound good? Great! There’s no big landing page or hyper-salesy message for this. Just send an email ( and let me know you’re in. I’ll take it from there.

Not quite ready for this? No problem. If this works out well, I’ll probably try it again. So no worries.

So – let me encourage you. YOU CAN DO THIS MARKETING THING. Keep trying. Keep learning. Ask for help. Take small steps. But put your message out there. The world needs you.


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