Build a marketing engine to drive your business growth.

Step confidently into new opportunities with a marketing engine built intentionally to leverage your growth and create sustainability for the future.



My proven approach combines copywriting and content strategy to elevate your marketing and ensure you can build on your success well into the future. The building blocks for your marketing engine include:

In-depth Analysis

In depth analysis to identify the needs, opportunities, and behavior of your audience.

Refine Offerings

Exploration of your expertise to refine offerings and leverage your passion and skills.

Marketing Strategy

Creation of a concise marketing strategy to expand your impact on potential clients.

Custom Copywriting

Custom copywriting and core message creation to refine your brand and approach.

Implementation Strategy

Implementation strategy including a high level operational plan to ensure total alignment between marketing and customer experience.

High impact business strategy fueled by copywriting expertise.

My process is collaborative… using my expertise to guide you and developing you into a marketing expert for your own business. You refine your skills as we build your marketing engine together.

I'm Michelle Hunter expertise in guiding and developing you into a marketing expert for your own business.Our strategy sessions are challenging – exploring the problems in your marketing and business model, and empowering you to take bold action inside your business. Together we explore your marketing strategy and identify the problems you face as you grow. Our work develops the tools you need to keep your marketing engine humming well into the future.

My working sessions are focused on creating the core messaging you need for maximum impact, setting a bold and effective strategy for your business, and writing website copy to drive business growth. You receive an effective marketing strategy customized to your audience and business, and the tools you need to implement it over time.

This proven approach transforms your business, bringing your marketing into alignment with your value and allowing you to step confidently into the sustainable growth and revenue you crave. But, it isn’t for everyone. I’m highly selective, and only work with business owners who are fully committed to creating sustainable business growth strategically, through bold action.

Projects include copywriting services and are quoted via custom invitation after an initial free consultation to discuss scope.

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